Mission Accomplished

The Creative Team recently posted an early stage design for a new www.mozilla.org home page. Check it out and share your thoughts.

I’m excited because I can say a project I started in 2007 is now completed—and it only took 4 years!

When I was hired, I was asked to do something with www.mozilla.org. The site was basically not being used and it wasn’t clear what to do with it.

When Mozilla began, http://www.mozilla.org was the home for everything. Over time, sections expanded and moved to their own dedicated sites. For instance, there was a Support section on the site but now there is a whole support site.

I worked with the community to figure out what to do with the site. We decided that http://www.mozilla.org should be a hub that tied together everything going on in Mozilla.

There were three big parts to this:

These steps moved us from a situation where Mozilla’s story was divided across sites that were based on different legal organizations to one where we had one place to talk about everything the project was doing.

The last piece of this is redesigning http://www.mozilla.org again to have the four merged sites work together as one. The design process is underway, so this whole project is wrapping up.

Many Mozilla volunteers and employees worked to make this happen and it has been a great experience for me to have been involved with this project.

So take a look at the new design ideas and help make the new hub of the Mozilla universe great.

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