Mozilla Antarctica: from easter egg to reality

A few months ago I was working on creating a set of maps that showed where local Mozilla communities are around the world.

Each page lets you click a direction and go to another region. If you click south from Europe, you’ll see a map of Mozilla communities in Africa. What happens if you click south from there though?

I love putting easter eggs in projects, so this was a perfect excuse. We created two extra regional maps for the South Pole and North Pole.

Those two pages just had some made up content though—until Pierros, Robert Nyman, Anthony Ricaud and I met at the MozCamp in Berlin. We got talking and decided to try to help get a real Mozilla Antarctica community going.

We started talking to people and found all sorts of connections between Antarctica and Mozilla and a community has begun growing.

And then today it all came together. Justin Miller just posted a picture of himself holding a Firefox logo and the Mozilla Antarctica logo next to the sign for the McMurdo Station.

It’s all very exciting to see this coming together. Join us on our Mozilla Antarctica Facebook page to help us grow the community even more.

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