What are people interested in getting involved with at Mozilla?

The Metrics team is creating a dashboard of information from the Get Involved page. The only metrics we’ve had were the total number of inquiries and that has limited what we’ve been able to learn about how to help more people get involved.

The dashboard is still being worked on, but already there are interesting things to see. For instance, I can see which areas people are most interested in (Support, Coding and Webdev are the top three). You can check this out for now on this screenshot and the dashboard will be available soon.

This is useful information. Based on this, maybe we don’t show every possible contribution option on the Get Involved page because some aren’t a fit for potential contributors’ interests or skills?

For instance, Lukas and I tried an experiment where we put Build Automation contribution information on Get Involved, but it didn’t lead to more contributors coming in. That makes sense because it requires a certain familiarity with Mozilla that people new to Mozilla wouldn’t have.

Maybe the better way to bring in a new contributor for the Build Automation team is to work with the Support, Coding and Webdev teams to look for volunteers who started there and are looking for the next challenge?

I’d be interested in hearing other ideas about what we could learn from better metrics around the Get Involved pages, so feel free to share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “What are people interested in getting involved with at Mozilla?

  1. So these stats are from the form?
    And each one of the five of you gets the inquiries for particular areas of interest?

    I’m guessing that a lot people believe that getting into support would be one of the easiest ways to contribute and that would require the least amount of technical skills.

    Things might be a little different if areas of interest were categorized perhaps by skill level (I believe they once were at contribute/areas). Maybe use a more advanced smart form.

    Skill Level
    —-Student Rep
    —-User Research
    —-Developer Documentation
    —-Visual Design
    —-Testing and Quality Assurance
    —-Build and Test Automation

    My classifications are just space fillers up there. 🙂

    It’s too bad that there isn’t more room for snippets for each choice (like on contribute/areas). That could replace the video.

    Won’t the Stewards program be a, or the best way to find people ready and or willing to advance to another area?

    1. Ken,

      Yes, these stats are from the form that people use to indicate being interested in contributing. The inquiries go to a mailing list where different people respond based on the area they’re involved in. There’s a list of the people at:


      If you’d be interested in getting inquiries and responding for a certain area, such as accessibility, let’s talk.

      I like the idea of sorting by skill level. My thought for the Get Involved pages was that it could be useful to sort opportunities in a variety of different ways (by area, by location, by time available, etc) and sorting by skills is certainly worth trying. Josh’s Bugsahoy tool sort of does this:


      With Stewards, we’ll be able to come up with plans for bringing in contributors that are tied to each area’s needs and that could involve working with other groups and/or just focusing on bringing in new volunteers.

      Happy to have you more involved in figuring this all out if you’re interested 🙂


  2. Thanks 4 sharing the pic. I have been there in the meeting today, but couldn’t log-in to the site, as it required authentication (Mozilla LDAP one). Sounds interesting. Actually David, I like the Community-Engagement way of doing things.
    – Materials that were available today before the meeting were really important, and meant a lot.
    – the way Community Engagement team framed the whole process, evaluates, surveys, I love that.
    – Actually, I have been trying to get deeply involved with Mozilla activities for a while now, sometimes I suceed, other times no. The survey results are excellent, and reflect the status inside Mozilla. I loved the conclusion, was impressed to read the hint: tend to hire people who like to communicate with the community more.
    Community Engagement team is taking tough responsibilities, and I believe is doing gr8. Honestly I wish I can communicate with different teams inside Mozilla the way I can reach community engagement.

    Thanks David for holding contributors to Mozilla Community.

    1. Thanks for coming to the Contribute Group call today and I’m glad to hear the information we’re providing is helpful.

      I’m happy to help you get more deeply involved in the project either with our group or some other group. Send me an email or ping me on IRC and we’ll talk more 🙂


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