Would you like to edit this page?

Anyone can edit any of Mozilla’s public websites. The Mozilla wiki is easier to edit than the Firefox download page, but there are ways for people to make changes.

The problem is that the way to make those changes aren’t always clear and they’re different on different sites. We could help web developers get involved by making these pathways clearer.

The new One Mozilla design has a ‘Would you like to edit this page?’ link in the footer and that will go to a page that talks about how our sites are run as open projects, just like our open source products.

This is based on the ‘Edit this page‘ link in the current footer that goes to a page about accessing our Subversion repository. That wiki page has been viewed over 150,000 times (a lot for a wiki page).

Since the One Mozilla design will be used widely across our sites, we’ll create a new page about how web developers can get involved with all sorts of sites instead of providing technical details for editing one particular site.

If we can do this in a way that helps just 1 in 100 people get involved with web development at Mozilla we could have hundreds or thousands of new contributors helping us improve and expand our web universe.

Sounds pretty exciting to me.

4 thoughts on “Would you like to edit this page?

  1. I’d suggest naming it as “View source/Edit page”, because most visitors might be more interested to know how the sites have been built than to actually change something which they are not permitted to do.

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