A Brief History of the Are We Growing Yet Dashboard

We recently launched a dashboard at arewegrowingyet.com that looks at data coming from the Get Involved page and shows us how many people are interested in contributing to Mozilla.

Although the dashboard is new, we’ve been inviting people who are interested in becoming contributors to contact us and connecting them to people on different teams for almost three years now.

The number of people who use this as a way to get started at Mozilla has grown over that time and I wanted to do an overview of how we got to a point where around 200 potential contributors a day contact us.

  1. In October 2009, a redesigned Get Involved page went live that invited potential contributors to contact us (compare that to the previous version of the page that had no way for people to contact anyone at Mozilla). Soon after that a snippet ran on the Firefox start page about the page and that brought a spike in activity.
  2. For a little over a year after that there weren’t any new efforts to improve the page or promote it more. I was focused on other parts of the http://www.mozilla.org site, such as redesigning the home page.
  3. In December 2010, I joined the new Contributor Engagement team that was focused on helping more people get involved with Mozilla. Some of our first priorities were to improve the page and add new pages about how to get involved in regional communities around the world.
  4. In March 2012, we redesigned the Get Involved page again and made the contact form the main call to action on the page. This, plus some other changes, brought a big increase in activity.
  5. In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching the very first localized version of the Get Involved page and I think we’ll see another rise in activity as we give people a way to find out how to contribute to Mozilla in their own language.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our efforts with the arewegrowingyet.com dashboard and other community data projects, keep an eye on the data posts on the about:community blog.

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