Lots going on with community building

I’ve moved most of my new posts to the about:community blog so there hasn’t been much activity on my personal blog lately.

There is a lot going on with community building at Mozilla though, so I wanted to do an update here for anyone not following that blog or Planet Mozilla Projects.

I’ve been working with Dia from the Capture Mozilla project to create a video that has tips for people just starting to get involved with Mozilla. We’re going to add in some clips from the recent MozCamp in Asia and then get this live to see if it’s helpful.

We’ve been working with David Eaves to create a series of community building workshops to see if this would be an effective way to help teams bring more people into their projects. The initial feedback has been positive and we’re thinking through how to build on this initial pilot project.

The review process for the two patch contributor dashboards that the Metrics team has created has been completed. There are two small tweaks we’ll be making soon and then we’ll be making these public. Look for an update soon on about:community.

On the day before MozCamp Asia, a group of Mozillians got together to share community building best practices and to work together on how we can make it easier for more people to get involved. That just wrapped up, so look for a post soon with more details.

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