Recognizing contributions with Open Badges

The Creative team has just revealed the Webdev badge designs that were created by new contributor David Smiley. The Webdev team will be issuing these through soon.


Many other teams are also looking at issuing badges and there will be a lot more to share about this over the coming months. I’ve been thinking of what comes after that and wanted to share some ideas.


The initial badges are built around specific tasks, but are there other types of badges we should create? I did a quick mockup above of my profile page on to see what other types of badges could fit. This includes:

  • A badge from another Mozillian saying thanks
  • A badge for a Mozilla event I’ve attended
  • A badge for some Mozilla swag I have
  • A badge for a donation I’ve made to Mozilla
  • A badge for a Firefox OS device I have—or want to have 🙂
  • A badge for a Mozilla Space I’ve visited

I assume that some badges will be more effective at recognizing contributors and encouraging them to stay involved, but what are the right ones to focus on and how do we test them to make sure they’re helping?


Are there also different ways to display badges that might be more effective? The ReMo events timeline got me thinking about displaying badges according to when they were earned.

Being able to view your contribution history alongside a history of Mozilla might be very powerful. You could draw a connection between what you did (submitting patches to Firefox OS) and big community achievements (having a successful booth at MWC that went well in part because of having many cool demos that relied on your code).

I’d be interested to hear what people think about this. Are you considering issuing badges to contributors? What types of badges? How would you like contributors to be able to display those badges?

2 thoughts on “Recognizing contributions with Open Badges

  1. Great idea.
    I think that you’re off to a good start since they aren’t very difficult to obtain and they cover a decent spectrum.

    How about a Mozilla Loyalty badge awarded for each year of contributing?
    I’m not sure how that would work out yet.
    They could be served using a Mozillian ID, something like what the affiliates system uses and they could be updated each year so that each year of contributing is noted. Some sort of verification would be needed I suppose.

    And a Friend of the Tree badge?

    1. Ken, I like the both ideas about a Friend of the Tree badge as well as one for recognizing how long someone has been contributing. I guess that one could be done by either letting people set the year they started contributing in their profile or by looking at the date someone earned their first badge.

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