Lots of interest in people at the Summit Planning Assembly

I had the chance to go to the Summit Planning Assembly and help work through the goals and themes of the Summit. The themes that started to emerge were Purpose, Process, Strategy, Product and People.

We got to that point by having everyone put ideas for topics they thought were relevant for the Summit up on a board. There were then break-outs around each topic while a few people stayed to go through all of the ideas to see what common threads were showing up.

To test that those common threads made sense, when the full group got back together people took each of the ideas on the board and grouped them under one of those themes. There was space to place anything that didn’t fit, but we didn’t need it.

The People theme had more ideas on it than any of the other—I took this as a good sign that there was a lot of interest in digging into how existing Mozillians can work more effectively together and how we can support efforts to bring new contributors in to the project.

There is a lot to do between now and October to take these ideas and turn them into something for everyone to engage with at the Summit. If you’re interested in helping with this, let me know.


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