I’m excited about the World Fair and Science Fair

At yesterday’s brown bag about the 2013 Summit, it was exciting to see that two of my favorite parts of the 2010 Summit are being included in the event—a World Fair and a Science Fair.

The World Fair gave everyone a chance to share what it was like being a Mozillian from their part of the world and really highlighted how our mission resonates with people everywhere.

There are a lot of photos from that but I think the experience was captured best by the Mozilla in your language video. Everyone was set up at tables in a long hall and it made it easy to go down and visit (or photograph or film) people.


The same setup was used another day for a Science Fair. People had a chance to share what they were working on and it was a great demonstration of how Mozilla is a place where people have the opportunity to step up and drive change.

Since Mozilla is so decentralized, the Science Fair helped avoid duplication by surfacing projects and that helped make connections between people with similar interests. Getting ideas out there also gave people a mandate for moving forward after the Summit.


I was part of the Science Fair and I definitely left the Summit with a mandate—I had many discussions about a problem I had identified and got validation that other people had the same problem and got useful feedback about how to solve it.

At the time there were over 100 Mozilla sites, but no way to navigate between them. I had a prototype of a dynamic map that showed all of the sites connected together as part of a larger whole.

Everyone who stopped by, even long-time Mozillians, learned something new after they saw the map. This gave me a lot of momentum to launch the project after the Summit and iterate to make it better (this evolved into the tab at the top of Mozilla sites that connects them all together).


So that’s why I’m excited about the chance to do another World Fair and Science Fair at this year’s Summit. I’ve offered to help out with that and will be sharing more soon about how you can help if this sounds exciting to you too.

7 Responses to I’m excited about the World Fair and Science Fair

  1. Lukas Blakk says:

    Me too! These were my favourite parts of 2010 (and the science fair of the previous 2009? all-hands). I’m looking forward to seeing what people drum up for their demos.

  2. […] few weeks ago I posted that I was excited to hear that we’re doing Fairs again at the Summit. If you’d like to take part in those Fairs, you can now submit ideas […]

  3. […] role helping lead the Toronto Science Fair.  I don’t need to blog about that though, because David Boswell already did .  If you’re interested in participating we have a registration form […]

  4. A. I. Sajib says:

    Hi David,

    I’m also excited to see what others are innovating for the community.

    In the meantime, would be able to kindly visit this site I’m working on? It isn’t nearly as innovative/useful as your community map, but I’m working on this to bring all Mozilla news/reviews/event updates and in the future Firefox OS tutorials, reviews, app reviews etc in one place.

    I hope you’ll check out this site and let me know your thoughts.


    • Thanks for sharing the link to your moz-mag.com site. I think having a curated magazine format for sharing Mozilla news is an interesting idea. Old communication channels like Planet haven’t scaled that well and I think there’s lots of room to improve on the situation by approaching things like a journalist writing for a publication.

  5. […] was a great experience for me to help get the Fairs set up and I really enjoyed the experience of visiting all the […]

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