Showcasing Mozilla’s local communities

The Contact page on is getting redesigned and it will include information about local communities around the world along with information about Mozilla Spaces.

There will be a lot of space to feature relevant content from different communities, including pictures, links, logos, etc. The mockup below shows the space available.

The design team set up an etherpad where people from different communities can add information. Check this out and add content for your local community.


The categories listed there are just a starting point—if there are other types of information you think is relevant, feel free to add it.


3 Responses to Showcasing Mozilla’s local communities

  1. A. I. Sajib says:

    Hi David,

    Sorry for the off-topic post. I couldn’t find a way to email you so I’m contacting here. I was wondering if this photo ( ) was actually taken from here ( ). If it was, shouldn’t I be getting some sort of backlink/credit or something?


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