You’re Not Really Looking For An Extrovert For That Position

After I left Mozilla earlier this year, I took a break from blogging. I’ve gotten back into writing recently and am ready to be blogging more regularly. This first new post is going back to earlier this summer and linking to an article I wrote on LinkedIn.

I’ve been reading many job descriptions for community roles recently and wrote a post called You’re Not Really Looking For An Extrovert For That Position about that experience. I’ve seen several descriptions that explicitly ask for extroverts to apply, but there are many talents associated with introversion that often get overlooked that are needed for someone to be a great community manager.


I enjoyed using an old All Is Well cartoon for an image in the article. When I was going back through things I saw several other cartoons that would be good images to use for other articles about community topics. The next one I think I’ll use is the giant chicken cartoon for an article about community metrics—an obvious fit, right?