Cartoon Flip Flopping

After deciding recently that I didn’t have the time to maintain a second blog about cartoons and that I’d just post here occasionally about the topic, I’ve changed my mind.

Every few days I’ll be posting a new cartoon over on the All Is Well blog. I’m not going to cross-post here, but I will link to them via the latest tiny cartoon box over in the right hand column.

Live Action Cartooning

I went on a trip to Europe a few years ago and saw a statue in Vienna that reminded me of this cartoon.


I took a picture and meant to come home and put a caption on it, but I forgot all about it after the trip. Maybe it was the live action Transformers movie that reminded me of this, but I just found the picture and added the caption:

Hank Gives The Fish A Once Over

I like the idea of live action cartooning and think it could work for many other pieces we’ve done (other than the occasional chicken, zombie or pirate, most of the cartoons just have one or two people in them). So this one might not really work as a photo with a caption, but many others would.


Note: I wrote about this about a year and a half ago on the All Is Well blog. I thought I’d have enough time to maintain two blogs, but it turns out I never did anything else there after that post. I’m moving this over here and will try to post a bit more frequently about cartoons.

Please Stop Stealing Our Ether

My friend Rob and I used to create cartoons for The Daily Texan when we were in college and we tried hard to make a career out of it. I was pretty upset that our plan didn’t work (in part because I had no backup option figured out) but I’m OK with it now—except when I see our jokes show up in other places.

We’ve seen our jokes show up on The Simpsons, The New Yorker, Saturday Night Live and other places. I’m not suggesting that anything was stolen—these ideas are in the ether and anyone can grab them*. It’s just frustrating to have had The New Yorker reject dozens of submissions when we see an almost exact duplicate of our idea show up in one of their issues (The New Yorker’s version said “We’ll always have that time we went to the mall”).


If you share our frustration over this issue, feel free to contact The New Yorker and tell them to write me back.

* It’s interesting to see that the duplicated ideas are all fairly simple plays on words (“Just Got Marred” instead of “Just Got Married” or “Oh, The Hilarity” instead of “Oh, The Humanity”). If any of the ideas that weren’t plays on words, like one of these, got copied, then it would seem a bit fishy.