In Need Of Grooming

I was happy to have an excuse not to shave in December (although I don’t get around to shaving much even without excuses) but I’m now feeling in need of some grooming. I’ll probably get to fully shorn by way of mutton chops or a wolverine and I’ll add a new picture soon with the results.

Please note that this picture was taken on January 5, so you’ll have to mentally trim things a bit to get an accurate picture of what things looked like at the end of December.

This Bird Has Flown

Yesterday was Moustache Monday at Mozilla. With a little help from my friends and their fake moustaches, I summoned the nerve to show up at work with my own real long, long, long facial hair. That means a lot to have people do that for you.

After five months of beard innovation though, it’s all too much and I have shaved. I’m down in the dumps a little bit now that the experiment is over, but things are getting better because all I’ve got to do is wait and it won’t be long until opportunity returns.

But something tells me that this isn’t the end and the moustache is still out there. Shaving allowed it to stretch it’s wings and now it is flying as free as a bird. I’ve got a feeling I’ll see it again–maybe the next time I’m watching rainbows in calico skies I will see it sailing past.


Moustache Related Contest: Guess how many Beatles songs are mentioned in this post and win an almost new container of Clubman brand moustache wax!

I Am The Benevolent Dictator Of My Face

About a week ago, I asked for help choosing my next beard style. Unfortunately the most frequent suggestions were not practical and would take a long time to grow in.

So instead, I’m going with something that no one suggested—a horseshoe moustache. I had thought this beard style was a fu manchu but learned I was wrong (this really has been a voyage of discovery).


Now some may say that I’m going back on my promise, but I think this highlights an important point about open source communities—they are not democracies. I have taken everyone’s input into consideration, but ultimately I’m the benevolent dictator of my face and have made a tough call.

Crowdsourcing My Next Beard Style

I’m not sure what to do next with my beard, so I figured I’d consult the wisdom of crowds* for help. Post beard style suggestions here and if there’s not a clear winner I’ll do a poll and we’ll vote on the top choices**.


If you would like some inspiration, Wikipedia has information about beard style options (I found out that I’ve been wearing Friendly Mutton Chops lately). Maybe you’ll want to suggest a Hollywoodian, Reed or a Donegal?

* The Mozilla community is a particularly good crowd to consult since facial hair innovation is a collective core competency.

** I’ll shave the winning style as long as it is not a neck beard.


My wife and daughter (and probably anyone else who I’ve run in to lately) is happy that December is over so that I can now shave. Here’s a quick before and after comparison:



I’ll shave tonight or tomorrow in stages — first down to a fu or mutton chops and then all the way off. More pictures to come if the first phase goes well.

Breaking Facial Hair Related News: So I ended up going with the fu and the mutton chops.