Sharks, Parachutes and Hard Hats

Mozilla’s goals for 2014 were shared out recently and included information about how we’ll increase the number of active contributors in the community this year by 10x.

Since it is sometimes easier to digest information in images than in words, I wanted to follow up with some pictures that show what our approach is to achieve this goal (thanks to Pierros for making these).


Today many teams are working on a project and would love to get some help. There are many people who want to help, but there are often obstacles that stand in the way of connecting (thankfully those obstacles aren’t usually sharks).


The Engagement, People and Foundation teams are here to help. Engagement will increase the number of people who are excited about wanting to contribute (that’s the parachutes). The community builders on the People team (those are the hard hats) will help build pathways that let people cross the chasm and connect with projects.


Once those pathways are built and many more people are joining the project as active contributors, the People team will offer support to teams as they adapt to work with a larger group of Mozillians by offering systems, education and more.

If you’re looking for help increasing the number of active contributors for your project, we’re happy to support you. Get in touch by joining and posting to the community building mailing list or joining the regular Grow Mozilla discussions.

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