Community Building Team

For the past few months I’ve been working with a new team that is focused on understanding the talent gaps of our core initiatives and connecting potential contributors to the most impactful work of the project.

The members of the Community Building team (Dino Anderson, Christie Koehler, Michelle Marovich, Pierros Papadeas, William Quiviger and Larissa Shapiro) have extensive experience in this area and I’m excited to learn from them.


Since we’re a new team, we’ve spent this first quarter of 2014 getting our ducks in a row so that we’re set up to achieve the goal of increasing active contributors to Mozilla’s target initiatives by 10x. We’ll do this by coordinating closely with the Engagement and Foundation teams.

Image from sweet_redbird
Image from sweet_redbird

Our plans for the year are to partner with teams across Mozilla that want to build communities around their projects and help them connect with contributors and support them as they grow.

To help them with that, we’ll be making use of what is being created by the community building working groups. These are places where both staff and volunteers get together to create participation resources that will serve everyone across Mozilla.

You can learn more about these working groups by checking out the brown bag from our meetup in December. This features Mozillians from across the project sharing roadmaps for working groups focused on pathways, systems, education, recognition and events.


If you’re interested in taking part in our efforts to create shared participation resources, please feel free to sign up to the community building mailing list or join an upcoming Grow Mozilla discussion.

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