Sharing Mozilla love with new contributors

I just got two of the Mozilla Love shirts earlier this week—one to keep for myself and one to give away. I’m going to try to use my second shirt to connect someone new to a project at Mozilla.


Giving out two shirts to everyone is a great opportunity for all of us to go out and bring more people in to the project.

If you’ve never done that before, or would like some tips about how to do that, we have a 3-step guide that can help. The steps are:

  • Tell them about our mission
  • Tell them we need their help
  • Tell them where to find opportunities

The guide is short. It takes just a couple minutes to read and the suggestions are things you can make use of in a short conversation with a friend, family member or someone who asks you about your Mozilla shirt.

Read the guide for more details and good luck with bringing in new contributors. Also feel free to add other tips and suggestions to the document so other people can learn from your experience.

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