Archiving Content on

Over the last few days we’ve started archiving content on None of the content is being deleted—all archived content is available on the site and can be brought back to the main site if needed. If someone goes to an archived page on the main site, they will get a 404 page that provides a link to that page on the archive site.

Due to the number of pages on the site and the lack of information about owners for much of that content, we are going to have to make some judgement calls about what to archive. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we are happy to work with people to fix anything that gets broken as part of this process. If you run into an issue with archived content, please open a bug.

Update: For a list of archived content, take a look at this Bonsai query of recent site activity (the archived pages have no value for the Rev column and 0/0 for the +/- column).

7 thoughts on “Archiving Content on

  1. David, I am so glad we are finally doing this. This has been something we should have done long ago.

    A few requests:

    1) Can we put a header on all archived pages in BOLD and RED letters noting that “this content is archived content and should no longer be used for referencing with regards to the Mozilla project” or something of a similar nature?

    2) Can we put an archive date on all archived content pages? Last Edited and Date When Archived would be both ideal. Also in a fairly visible location.

  2. I’ve noticed some very minor fallout. In SeaMonkey we have the option of a Debug menu that includes various tests. Currently it appears that four of those pages are no longer available at their original location. Should we just remove those pages from our menu?

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